The Art of listening: our philosophy to new business

The Art of listening: our philosophy to new business

Triplar MD Tim Rodwell explains his philosophy to new business and account management.

Elusive and often tricky to handle, new customers are the lifeblood of any business. As well as the obvious benefits, they bring fresh impetus and drive to any team –  which in turn benefits existing clients.

So what is our approach? To sum it up we are joining your World, and not the other way around. We listen, then we listen…then we may well listen a little more. We will probably then tell you what we heard so as to make certain we heard correctly and have a full grasp of the brief

We never like starting big. Let’s start small and work up from there. We want to demonstrate our capabilities and earn the right to complete the largest and most complex projects; by virtue of the fact we complete the brief in-full and on-time.

We don’t have loads and loads of links in the delivery chain. You will only ever deal with one person. They will take the brief and they will send you the invoice, they are the only person that you will need to speak to. Accountability and responsibility are core values at Triplar.

Our core philosophy is very simple: listen, understand, plan and deliver. You will never hear the ‘usual’ excuses from the team at Triplar, because we set-out to be the best. And we understand that being a seamlessly successful component of our clients’ teams is all they want.


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