We Donate…

We Donate…

A sum of money every Christmas to three charities, global, regional and local. This year the chosen charities are Oxfam, CRASH and The Bamboozle Theatre Company.

Oxfam aims to save lives by responding quickly with aid and protection during emergencies. They encourage and empower people to work their own way out of poverty and campaign for lasting change to improve inequality in the world’s poorest countries.

CRASH is the construction industry’s charity that assists homeless and hospice charities with construction-related projects. By providing charities with the practical elements of their building projects, they are able to create better places for the homeless and vulnerable to live and feel safe.

The Bamboozle Theatre Company are based in Leicester and help children with learning difficulties through drama workshops, shows and multi-sensory experiences. They cater to individual needs to ensure that each child receives the best possible outcome on their visits.

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