A model for success

A model for success

How can any brand develop new concepts relatively quickly,with minimal investment? The answer for Triplar’s clients is architectural models.

After a concept has been designed, the biggest challenge is often communicating it effectively to stakeholders. Scale architectural models help bridge the gap and assist in communicating designs.

Using cutting edge modelling technologies it is now possible to create scale miniatures of POS items within hours, as opposed to the weeks or months it can take to build full-scale versions. In turn this allows brands to promptly conclude if a concept fulfils its purpose and will work well in-store.

Models also help in building an aesthetic understanding; providing an opportunity to study colour and materials. Using a tangible yet scaled down product also allows the brands to better plan layouts and gain a general feel of placement within the retail environment.

Also a useful tool in helping brand sales teams describe store concepts when securing retail space, models can fulfil a variety of roles. Ultimately, they help determine whether a concept will meet business expectations and hold its own in the competitive retail environment.

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