Oxfam’s flagship store is worth the wait

Oxfam’s flagship store is worth the wait

After several years in the planning, Triplar finally helped Oxfam open its Cowley Road store in Oxford last month.

Delayed due to the complex nature of the build; the building interior had to be entirely demolished to allow for much needed rectification works and the construction of flats above the original retail unit.

A key store due to its proximity to the charity’s headquarters, it now aligns with the contemporary feel that many of Oxfam’s shops have following numerous refits across the UK.

The store design reflects the charity’s work across the world, with stencils across the shop floor referencing the codes used on water tank parts and the fitting rooms themselves designed to look like the crates that hold the tanks.

Oxfam has ensured that store furniture is made in the UK to reduce air miles and support the UK businesses that have worked closely in delivering the store refit programme. Joinery by Triplar’s Wellingborough factory is showcased in the store, while metalwork is by one of Triplar’s closest partners.

The store refresh is designed to bolster the charity’s position as one of the UK’s leading charities; enabling it to stand out on the high street  and increase retail fundraising, as well as connecting those funds to its day-to-day charity work. Oxfam is hoping that all the furniture showcased will, to some degree continue to be used in the scheme as part of a roll-out across the whole store network.

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