Penhaligon’s Mayfair Store

Penhaligon’s Mayfair Store

The essence that makes up Penhaligon’s are their 130-year-old history and their stories, which make them a quintessential British institution providing their customers a truly unique experience.  Penhaligon’s quickly became a favourite of the aristocracy upon establishment in 1870 and continues to attract high profile attention to this day.

One new addition to their history is the remodel of their longest standing boutique in the Mayfair district of London. This listed building nestled on 20A Brook Street stands out like no other on the block being the only single story building, which houses retail space including a truly one of a kind glass domed top.  In addition to this, it is located just across the street from a previous residence of Jimi Hendrix who lived there in 1968.

Penhaligon’s chose Triplar, who now has a 2 year relationship, to provide the furniture along with Desert Oak to complete the shopfit. Triplar worked alongside Penhaligon’s and Desert Oak, who are known for their vast experience in refurbishing listed buildings in London, cooperated over a 4 week period to bring another unique chapter to the Penhaligon’s story.

The store which housed the previous eclectic, dark in tone and conservative in nature concept was transformed into a bright, inviting and modern retail space.  This resulted in the brand keeping its traditions while providing their staff and customers a more refined and innovative space, which included their digital profiling station on a 55inch touch screen television.

Triplar project manager Jason Castleberry said: “Penhaligon’s is one of the most interesting, challenging and rewarding brands I’ve ever worked with. They allow us to produce from a luxurious material palette, focus on a high attention to detail and maintain a very high level of quality. On the other hand, they are more than realistic on what can be done due to material and technological limitations. This allows their vendors to continually push above and beyond expectations while knowing that if they really do try their best as being a brand guardian there will be success to celebrate.”

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