Triplar and Brexit: Let the real debate begin

Triplar and Brexit: Let the real debate begin

Triplar MD Tim Rodwell outlines his thoughts on the impending referendum to decide whether Britain remains in the EU.

“Close the doors, pull up the drawbridge.” “Keep them out.” “Row our own boat.” Just a few of the soundbites that have been heard over recent weeks and will likely be heard with increasing frequency in Britain before Thursday 23 June, when Britain decides whether to remain in the EU.

You might also hear meeker voices talking about inclusion, collaboration, and collective responsibility and action – of course mixed with a good dollop of irresponsible scaremongering from our most senior politicians.

What seems certain though it’s that this referendum isn’t going to set the electorate alight until it takes a more positive tone on both sides. There are downsides to remaining and leaving, but I believe that what the public want to hear are the positives on both sides.

It is easy to find oneself in a conflicted position. As a business owner headquartered in the UK, but with offices in the Czech Republic, I might find myself feeling one way on a personal level and another way entirely when I think of my business and it’s employees.

Most of Triplar’s clients are from outside the UK and having travelled all over Europe I value the relationships that i’ve forged across the continent.

It is hard to envisage how either outcome in this referendum will change that and alter the way in which we do business.

But one thing is for sure. Until this debate starts to take a more positive tone I’m going to reserve my judgement and hope reasoned argument and debate finally makes an appearance.

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