More than window dressing: the future of visual merchandising

More than window dressing: the future of visual merchandising

Effective Visual Merchandising (VM) is now recognised as a critical success factor for any aspiring brand and here at Triplar our aim is simple – to support you in developing and strengthening your VM concepts to maximise its impact.

The power of imaginative and eye-catching VM solutions enables your product or service to be displayed in such a way that engages and motivates the buyer to make a purchase. Although retailers understand the importance of high quality Visual Merchandising operations and the role they play in the market, many find themselves adhering to standard displays, not yet ready to try something new – cautious about the Return On Investment they can expect.

Traditional window displays showcasing mannequins could be seen to be an outdated, stereotypical and characterless way to try to entice customers and drive traffic through stores. Today, brands are striving to feed the imagination of consumers while developing a narrative that captures their attention; enticing them onto the sales floor and increasing sales.

Advances in technology have seen various innovative forms of media rise to the forefront of interactive visual merchandising, achieving unique sensory experiences for the consumer. Triplar has been involved in the incorporation of such applications, developing individual and brand aware solutions that are both original and memorable.

If you are thinking of undertaking a new marketing initiative, tap into our expertise and get in touch to discover how we can help.

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